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Everything you need to know about: Managing Requests

How we make sure that all of your requests are managed and taken care of ❤️

Part of any subscription with us at Hatchly comes with a dedicated account manager. This is particularly useful for those clients who tend to have a high volume of design requests and who sometimes need to swap projects out for others, frequently change priorities etc. and this is where the account manager steps in....

Internally, we have a very thorough and diligent way of working to minimise any mishaps (read more about that here). We use a variety of apps internally that range from capacity planning to project management to enable us to keep ahead of the game and to never fall behind on client work.

In a high-volume and busy design workload, the nature of the account manager comes in the form of:

  1. Keeping track of all projects that have come in and to set due dates to manage client expectations
  2. Communicating with all stakeholders to inform them of where projects are up to
  3. Analysing the design pipeline and making recommendations on whether it is worth upgrading or downgrading for a certain time to accommodate
  4. Supplying tips, recommendations and feedback to improve ways of working

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