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Hatchly Quality Checks

What we do to make sure our designs are perfect for our clients

Hatchly have numerous quality measures in place to make sure designs are as good as they possibly can be and matches the brief exactly.


Part of the account managers and designer’s role is to assess the given brief to make sure that the client has supplied enough information for the designer to complete the job fully. If information is missing from the brief, a follow up message will be sent to the author to request more information or assets, for example, missing titles, images, logos, font files etc. Furthermore, and depending on the project, projects will occasionally be split into stages and Hatchly will request sign off at each stage by the client – this will be dependent on the project however and the client will be notified at the beginning of the project if they are happy to proceed with the proposed plan.


The designer(s) will complete the job to the best of their ability, holding critiques and internal/external discussions throughout. After this and once the designer is happy with the final outcome, a final quality check is put in place by a different designer to check through that it matches the brief (and printing specifications if required) perfectly and to recommend any last changes/tweaks. Once this has been completed internally, the design will be presented back to the client for approval/print sign off/comments.


This quality assurance process makes for less back and forth between Hatchly and the client and creates less admin and quickens turnaround time for both parties.

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