Why Does Every Marketer Need On-demand Graphic Design?

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William Griffiths
Why Does Every Marketer Need On-demand Graphic Design?

On-demand and unlimited graphic design are the new up-and-coming trends within the subscription service industry. It's situated within a market that solves all modern-day issues marketers face regarding design. Mainly quality, speed and reliability.

Good graphic designers can be hard to come by and are typically preoccupied with multiple clients and/or ongoing work. So why is it that on-demand graphic design is a great idea for marketers?

What is on-demand graphic design?

The term "on-demand graphic design" is used to describe a situation in which graphic design services can be requested and received as needed without the requirement for a contract or long-term commitment. Essentially, it means that individuals or businesses can request specific design projects and receive them in a timely manner, usually within a few days.

Freelance graphic designers and design studios that focus on offering rapid turnaround times for their projects are common providers of this service. It's a great option for businesses that don't have the budget to hire an in-house designer or design firm.

Graphics for social media, logos, business cards, advertisements, and other marketing collateral are just some of the many uses for on-demand graphic design. Typically, clients will offer a brief definition of the project's parameters, and designers will work with the client to develop a final design that fits those parameters.

5 reasons why marketing agencies should use unlimited graphic design services

Staying busy is great for business, but there are still only 24 hours in a day (last we checked, at least). With an increasing demand for digital media needs, digital media agencies are swamped with internal work, and their clients are increasingly looking to hire graphic designers online.

Many graphic design companies find it necessary to outsource some of the design work to keep up with demanding timelines. This outsourcing can be either for full projects or just for partial components of them and can be a huge job in itself! So what are these five compelling reasons to use this type of assistance?

1. Design on-demand whenever you need it

An on-demand graphic design subscription comes with many perks, but having access to a design team whenever and wherever you need it is one of the best - no more worrying about missing a deadline or faffing about with invoices!

The ability to log into a personalised on-demand platform and submit a project in minutes to a team you can trust, rather than emailing around to find a freelancer with capacity or trawling through the hundreds of portfolios on Fiverr, is a real game changer for any modern-day marketer.

2. Agency expertise for a fraction of the price

If your company has so much work that it warrants the addition of another in-house designer, that's great. But keep in mind that a new designer needs first to be interviewed, and hired, needs time to acclimate to your company’s style, train, and feels it is worth their time and effort to stay with your firm. All of these are not exactly conducive to tight project timelines the person is being hired to assist with.

Subscription business models are here to stay. There's no secret that over the past few years, major brands are implementing subscriptions into their business models because of the growth it brings and the savings it can offer customers. This is shown by brands such as Netflix and Disney Plus - they are able to maintain affordable rates whilst ensuring high-quality content is available to viewers.

3. Gain another perspective

An on-demand graphic design subscription is adaptable and can be scaled up or down depending on the client's workload and needs. This makes it highly appealing to any marketer as it allows them to plan their graphic design expenses in advance — on a month-by-month basis with everything included. This removes the uncertainty typically faced with hidden fees from a traditional graphic design agency or freelancers charging hefty amounts for minimal revisions.

Better yet, using an on-demand graphic design subscription can provide an alternate perspective on design needs. We are sure your company has a particular style you may be quite proud of and fond of. But an experienced designer on the outside could provide a whole other perspective on your projects. In most cases, graphic designers are experienced and have dealt with many types of design projects, so they would potentially bring an invaluable contribution to freshen up or infuse your designs with a much-needed sense of originality and change.

4. Unlimited revisions when you need them

We know how hard it can be as a Marketer to get that final sign-off on a design from your client or even internally due to so many opinions being thrown around the room. An on-demand graphic design agency can accommodate this by offering unlimited requests and revisions in each subscription. This helps by removing the stress when a colleague or client changes their mind numerous times or decides they want a change in direction at the final hurdle.

5. Free up time for in-house designers

A subscription-based design agency acts as an extension to an existing in-house team and eases the workload for any marketer or designer with too much work on their plate.

Outsourcing some of your projects to on-demand graphic design agencies lightens the burden on your in-house designers. This allows them to be a little more fluid and free to exercise their creativity by taking a bit more time to think them through rather than simply pushing ahead with expedited ideas due to an overbearing workload and time constraints.

Submit a brief in minutes and free up hours of work — what a dream!

The bottom line

Without the requirement for a contract or other long-term commitment, on-demand graphic design allows marketers to gain access to professional design services at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. Rather than being a hindrance, it is a great tool that marketers can utilise to help with their processes — whether they work in an agency or within a company’s in-house marketing team.

If you’re still unsure if this is the right model for you, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Before you fully commit, you can start by booking a demo with an on-demand design agency and checking out the many different services they offer. There’s no harm in trying, right?

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