Hatchly Vs Penji: Comparison - Unlimited Graphic Design Service

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William Griffiths
Hatchly Vs Penji: Comparison - Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Hatchly Vs Penji: Comparison & Analysis

There’s something about healthy competition that really does get the blood pumping. Within any industry or sector, there are countless examples to be found of different companies trying to one-up each other. It’s all about bringing in business, and although it may seem ruthless at times, it’s really just about everyone trying to find success in their own form.

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about that practice with Hatchly and Penji. These two brands want to offer an unlimited graphic design service to their potential clients, and they want to do so by standing out amongst the pack. Both have real values and bring a lot to the table, but we want to cut between the noise and confusion by getting to the core of their product.

But first, we have to answer an important question: what exactly is an unlimited graphic design service?

The art of the unlimited graphic design service

The term ‘unlimited graphic design’ is one you may have heard before and for good reason. This service is a fantastic money saver for those who want to receive as many designs or concepts as they desire for a flat fee. It’s affordable, gives you access to a dedicated service, and is on-demand - meaning you can expect solid turnaround times for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

This kind of offering has endless benefits, which is one reason why the market is so popular. Some would argue that it can be overpopulated, given how many graphic designers are out there, but it really comes down to figuring out who is the most well-rounded. You want something thorough and something you know you can trust.

So, without further ado, it’s time to dive head-first into this comparison piece.

Specific details

The majority of us in the working world don’t like dipping our toe into the water. We want to jump in and give our all, knowing the specifics of what exactly we’re getting into - especially if we’re going to be paying good money for it.

Hatchly set the expectation that, per day, two hours are reserved for a client, and that’s a guarantee. With this kind of model, there’s real trust built in a partnership that focuses on hitting every single bullet point in an efficient manner.

For Penji, there’s no set amount of hours that they work on a piece to the best of our knowledge. As a counter, though, you could retort that they’ve got such a solid infrastructure that, regardless of the timeline, you’re going to get what you’ve asked for.


As is the case in life, business decisions can often come down to one crucial factor: money. You may not have enough of it or be way too happy to spend it freely. Whatever the case may be, it can lead to a lot of big decisions being made. With these two companies, it’s not necessarily as black and white as it may seem, which is what we’ll attempt to explain across this entire post.

For the sake of fairness, we’re going to look at how both Hatchly and Penji do things quarterly. For Hatchly, you can get a Standard package for as low as £795 per month. When moving to Standard Plus, that rises to £1,195, with Pro being the biggest of all at £1,595.

By comparison, Penji comes across as having a much more reasonable price. Their lowest (Pro) offer, when exchanged into pounds, comes in at £335 per month. It goes up to £675 for Team, which is their most popular service, with Agency costing £1,350.

Quality control

Quality control is an essential aspect of many business models across the globe. It’s all about deducing what kind of end product is being delivered to customers and determining what alterations need to be made.

For Hatchly, this comes down to the creative lead or creative director. This all stems from the designer himself with experienced, knowledgeable individuals taking a closer look at what exactly has been created. From there, a final decision can be made on the next steps.

Penji, on the other hand, tends to leave this in the hands of a project manager. There’s an argument to be made that this is less specific to each particular case. You’re still getting an effective examination of what’s happening, but it’s a broader role in comparison.

Company structure

The size of any given company can be a complete game-changer when figuring out who exactly you want to go for. Everyone’s taste is different, and that much is obvious, but when running through the numbers, you can see a clear gulf - for better or worse.

Hatchly is a small, intimate team of six, which may be a number that can scare you off at first glance. In reality, though, this can lead you down the path of a far more bespoke service. Yes, that limits the number of clients that can be taken on, but you’ll know that you’re a special entity.

Penji is much larger in size, with a company that is believed to be home to over 100 employees. That means, in theory, there’s a greater chance that you’re going to land on someone that works well for you - but there’s also a decent chance that the designer will be gone in six months or working on a different project.


The designers are, at the end of the day, who you’re there to see and who you want to communicate with. They are there to ensure your unlimited graphic design services are met, and they come up with the goods that you wind up utilising.

At Hatchly, there is a dedicated graphic designer assigned to each client. They give someone a chance to commit their full time and effort to the cause and will allow them to take on the lion’s share of the work. It offers reassurance and, most importantly, consistency.

On the flip side, Penji will attempt to locate the most relevant designer for the project at hand. This could be seen as a slightly more lengthy process given how many they have on hand and could also create inconsistencies with the brand in the long-run, but there are also obvious benefits behind the expertise.


When weighing up the pros and the cons, Penji is certainly a more affordable option depending on what you’re after. However, across the board, Hatchly appears to be offering a more custom-made experience with the intention of a collaborative approach above all else.

Plus, with Penji being US-based, it may not work as well when compared to Hatchly working out of the UK.

If you’re interested in what Hatchly has to offer, feel free to get in touch!

William Griffiths
Founder & Creative Director

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