The Top 7 Types Of Social Media Content To Add To Your Marketing Strategy

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The Top 7 Types Of Social Media Content To Add To Your Marketing Strategy

The Top 7 Types of Social Media Content

It’s an important question that is actually quite complex to answer: what is a social media content strategy? We all know and (for the most part) love using social media. It makes us laugh, it informs us, and it can give us the opportunity to branch out both personally and professionally.

Sometimes, it’s important to think through how you utilise it. A social media content strategy allows you to grow your brand or business and reach specific goals, doing so through a variety of different posts and marketing techniques.

Strategy, planning, engagement, analytics, and advertising - are just a few pillars representing what it means to form a coherent social media marketing plan. Today, we’re going to go one step further by listing a few marketing ideas that really stand out to us.

1. Infographics

When you’re eyeing great content for social media, infographics should be somewhere toward the top of your list. In the past, we’ve spoken extensively on infographics and what it means to not only have them in your work but to really maximise their potential.

They are visually satisfying, they can be incredibly easy to share across social media, they are quick to consume, and they help remove language barriers. As long as you have a team working with you that can really make it shine, this one is a no-brainer.

2. Live videos

Whether it be a celebrity or someone you know personally, there’s always a sense of intrigue that comes with seeing someone ‘go live’ - especially on a platform like Instagram. It could be to advertise a new product, or perhaps they just want you to learn more about their business.

Seeing those live numbers tick up is a satisfying feeling; from there, it’s all about keeping them engaged. What are you trying to sell? How are you trying to get across the mission statement of your company? It may feel like a stressful idea, but it’s an incredibly beneficial one.

3. Company news

In the modern age, it’s never been more important to be personable. It’s one thing to put your brand out there for the world to see, but it’s another to let everyone in. So, regardless of how small you think a piece of company news is, you may be surprised by the response.

Find the successes that your company or employees have been having. Take people on a day-in-the-life tour of what it’s like to work for you. Promote advocacy amongst your team, awards, events, and anything that makes people stand up and pay attention to what you have to offer.

4. Internal links

Internal links are vital. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the end goal is simple: direct folks back to your own work. If you’re building something, and they’ve only seen a small slice of the pie, why wouldn’t you want to show them the whole thing?

It doesn’t have to be big or clever, and it certainly shouldn’t feature any kind of clickbait. If you can draw your audience in with something that’s both engaging and informative, then you could well have yourself a repeat visitor moving forward, and that’s invaluable.

(Did someone just say “check out our social media content portfolio?”)

5. Quick clips

TikTok has had more than three billion downloads during its existence. Instagram Reels, on the other hand, has grown by 220 million users in one quarter of 2022 alone. If you don’t understand the value of short, snappy clips from those two stats, then perhaps read them again.

It’s always been a goal for many to stand out against their competition, and one way in which you can do that is by being creative. Instead of hiding behind the mask of purely written content, why not diversify and really show off your fun side for a change?

6. Brand awareness

Introducing yourself as a new business on the scene, or perhaps one that has reinvented itself, can often be tough. It can sort of feel like the first day of school, especially across social media content, when first impressions can so often be everlasting.

That’s why you need to build brand awareness from the word go. Find a way to educate the masses and let your audience know what it is they can expect to see moving forward. It sounds basic, but you’d be surprised by how many folks just jump right in.

7. Industry tips

What is the latest trend in your line of work? How can you let everyone know what your take on it is? What’s the latest news bite? These are all questions you should be looking to answer, and in a lot of ways, you can incorporate several of the tools we’ve already mentioned as a way to do it.

It’s all about building out that content strategy we mentioned at the start. It doesn’t matter if it happens to be IT, housing, oil or sport because every industry evolves. So, instead of being left behind, make sure you’re in on the action from day one.

Need help developing graphics for social media?

With regard to content for social media, we here at Hatchly are constantly evolving and tweaking our business model to help you, the customer. It’s all well and good to throw up a few posts here and there, but you need to actually understand what kind of message you’re putting across.

We understand that this can all seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, over time, it becomes a lot clearer once you break down what it is your followers want to see.

If this all sounds like something we can assist with, get in touch!

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