Make your creative team more efficient with a few simple steps

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William Griffiths
Make your creative team more efficient with a few simple steps

I recently came across some creative data, which discussed the obstacles that creative employees deal with, and how these obstacles can stifle their creative flow. Being in the design industry, this is something I can really relate to… I can’t even count how many times I used to sit down with my creative hat on, coffee in hand, ready to create something amazing and then get completely sidetracked by endless emails and admin! Although I do now have access to tools and resources to automate processes and balance my workflow (more about this in another blog), it was always a constant issue and frustration. 


The source states that creatives spend just 19% of their time doing actual creative tasks. Just 19%! And the remaining 81% is spent dealing with emails, admin and general interruptions 🤯

It seems that creatives across the globe feel the same pain - words that kept coming up were ‘burnout’, ‘pressure’, ‘overwhelm’ and ‘inundation’. I know from my own experience (and I’m sure many fellow designers would agree!) that we are often really pushed to our limits. Sometimes a quick font size or colour change isn’t AS simple as a quick font size or colour change… it means trawling through various versions, exporting in relevant formats and not to mention having to completely restructure the layout because of it 🥵


So, how can we help creatives get back to spending their time creatively? The data suggests investing in a project manager - someone to effectively handle these admin tasks and let the creatives get back to what they’re good at! This is something that we’ve found really successful at Hatchly. Using an account manager to keep track of projects, comments and designers workload ensures that our designers spend their time working on designs - exactly what we hired them to do!

In some instances however, this isn’t feasible and a necessary solution and we’ve found that we have struck a perfect balance for creative effectiveness with our clients by accompanying their in-house teams. They can outsource their secondary design tasks to us to work on in the background, freeing up more time to perhaps put all of their creative input into primary projects, reliving them of their “burnout”, “pressure”, “inundated” and “overwhelmed” keywords! 


If this is you and are at max capacity, feel free to book in for a call here and we can discuss how we can help integrate into your workflow to relieve the pains! 


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