Improve the efficiency of your creative team with these steps

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William Griffiths
Improve the efficiency of your creative team with these steps

Improve the efficiency of your creative team with these steps

Allowing your creative juices to flow is something that we should all be looking to prioritise in our work. The aim of the game is to maximise the ideas we have rattling around in our heads, and, more often than not, that can come by forming your own creative team.

Not only does it allow a specialised group to come together in the name of the business’s success, but it also harnesses the creative energy your colleagues and you have at your disposal. Of course, actually being able to get something out of that is easier said than done.

There are often so many obstacles that we find ourselves overwhelmed before the work has even begun. So, with that in mind, we thought it’d be wise to run through a few useful pointers that could help you make the most of your time.

4 steps to optimise your creative team's workflow

1. Invest in a project manager

In a recent report, it was indicated that 84.4% of people are distracted at work. More often than not, some common themes come to the forefront regarding what distractions actually are. 26% come from emails, and 55% come from phone calls or texts - and with all of that noise flying around, you can understand where things start to fall apart.

Recent data suggests that investing in a project manager could help to alleviate many of your problems. That brings in someone within a specific role who can manage all of the aforementioned admin, allowing the creatives in the room to knuckle down and get back to what they do best. It may sound overly simplified, but it’s crazy how much of a difference it can actually make.

2. Outsourcing

Of course, the previous entry isn’t always feasible, especially if you don’t find the right fit. So, why not try and bring in a third party? Whether it’s focusing on marketing and growth or simply sharing some of the workload, it’s all about building a relationship. At Hatchly, we’ve found the balance of working with an in-house team can really increase productivity.

Any secondary design tasks that need doing can be outsourced, with more creative input, therefore, being transitioned back into primary projects. There are so many cases across the country whereby employees feel the world's weight on their shoulders as if they’re about to pass out at any given minute. With this solution, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier.

3. Priority meetings

Many of us take meetings on a day-to-day basis. You hop on a Zoom call with your team, and the intention is to run through the list of tasks that need to be completed - perhaps throughout the course of the week. However, while that may seem like a smart way of operating, too many meetings can sometimes take away their effectiveness.

Creative teams are there to make magic happen, and if you condense the number of times you meet, it’ll emphasise what the leadership is trying to get across. When a collection of people work towards a date in which they know everyone is going to be present, as opposed to a slightly more lethargic gathering, you’re more likely to get successful results.

4. Strengthening your team

Your team, in your mind, may already serve as the finest example of creativity functioning at a high level. Still, it’s always important to look beyond your inner scope and consider the best strategies for further strengthening your operations. It never hurts to look in the mirror and examine the next best step, especially if you’ve already got so many plates spinning in the air.

Establish trust between yourself and those you’re working with. Strengthen the communication you have, making sure you know that they care. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities that everyone has and how they need to execute. Above all else, strike the perfect balance between showing authority and proving that you care.


How can my team’s creativity be improved?

Everyone has their own way of doing things when it comes to creativity in a team. Some prefer jazz, others prefer rock, and a few may like classical. Just because your tempo is different doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to improve the overall vibe of your squad. If you need to change things up, perhaps because they’re getting stale or someone has an interesting new idea, rocking the boat should be the least of your worries.

What are the top 3 ways to improve performance at work?

Set yourself a milestone to work towards and take the appropriate time to reach it. From there, work through the important tasks first - and ensure you move through them one by one, in an orderly fashion. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks as and when is necessary.

How can I encourage creativity within my team?

It really can’t be stressed enough how important positive reinforcement is. Whenever it feels like the mood is low and your team is struggling to pick itself back up, don’t shy away from putting your hand on their shoulder and ask what the problem is. Don’t rule through fear — work together, and while you shouldn’t sugarcoat any shortcomings, you also shouldn’t hide away from praise.

Need help running a creative team? Contact Hatchly!

The ability to build and lead a creative team is something that comes with time and with a great deal of hard work. It’s not an ability that falls in your lap, and even if you’re five or ten years into the journey, the final destination is still far away - because we’re all constantly searching for the next goal that we can hit.

Here at Hatchly, our hope is to work together and build something even stronger than what you already have. We want to use our expertise to pinpoint the areas you have that may need improvement and to kick down the door of what’s possible. Whatever you’ve got on your plate, we want to provide assistance and guidance to the best of our ability.

So, if this sounds like an area we can help with, feel free to get in touch!

William Griffiths
Founder & Creative Director

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