Digital Marketing Logo Ideas to Get Inspired From

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Digital Marketing Logo Ideas to Get Inspired From

Digital Marketing Logo Ideas to Get Inspired From

When you’re trying to get your business off of the ground, or you’re trying to reinvent it, few things are more essential than your logo - and, more specifically, how you’re going to use digital marketing to get it out there for the world to see. It may seem like a process that doesn’t take a whole lot of time, but trust us when we say that it can be strenuous.

It’s not a case of going online and picking out an idea you like. Sure, you could do that, but you wouldn’t be doing a service to either yourself or the company that you are trying to run. In recent decades we’ve seen a plethora of different juggernauts in the business world change their logo or tweak it slightly, and the reason is because that lone symbol matters.

Today, our aim is to provide a little bit of assistance for those who are heading down this path. From the blueprint phase to the final hurdle, it’s never too early or too late to think about this kind of stuff.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear us use the word “logo” a whole lot.

The importance of a logo

We’ve touched on it already, but a logo serves as the heartbeat of what it is you’re trying to achieve as a business. When it’s seen by the masses, it sends a certain message out to the public about what it is you’re all about. What values, morals and views you have, believe it or not, can all be encapsulated by this one thing. No, we aren’t making that up.

You’re trying to establish your brand’s credibility, especially in the digital marketing space. There’s a need for a logo to embody certain principles, and that includes professionalism, efficiency and capability, all of which need to be thought through carefully. We understand that it can sound a bit over the top, but these are the finer details you need to consider.

We, as consumers, could also do with seeing things that are industry-specific - if only to narrow it all down and give us a clearer picture of what it is we’re trying to buy into.

As cheesy as it may sound, this is a journey.

Creating a great digital marketing logo

As we teased in the intro, we want to carve out a few tips that are going to leave you in the best position possible to make some noise in this field. Some of the points we raise may seem a bit obvious, but sometimes, the best answers are the ones staring you right in the face, especially in graphic design.

With that being said, let’s dive into it.

Sensational or simple?

From the word go, you need to have a really good feel for what kind of image you want to present to the general public. On the one hand, you may want to go down the route of being a larger-than-life presence. That could involve something bright, something controversial, or something so unique that it’s never been seen at this scale before.

On the other hand, you’ve got the simplistic approach. Many companies favour this in the modern age, and we wonder whether or not that’s because it just looks a bit cleaner. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, there’s no right or wrong answer, but you need to make a concrete decision before you wind up second-guessing yourself later.

Play with different customisations

Even if you think you’ve got the perfect structure in your mind of what you want to do and how you want to do it, you’d be a fool not to test the waters with something new. It doesn’t matter if it’s a different colour scheme, different graphics or a sizing issue. If you’re so stubborn that you can’t allow yourself to consider an alternative, you’ve already lost the battle.

We aren’t saying you should panic and deviate away from your ideology. What we are saying, though, is that it’s easy to have a vision. When you’ve got one you’re so passionate about, it’s hard to look outside the box and examine what else is around you. If you give it a shot, you’ll never know what kind of mysteries you’ll discover.

Align with the brand’s identity

This is a topic we alluded to earlier on in the article, but we really do think there’s a lot to be said for companies that think about their brand’s identity. At the end of the day, your brand is what you live and die for. This sets the tempo for everything you’re trying to create, and if your logo doesn’t match up to that for whatever reason, it can cause confusion.

What’s the last thing you want your consumers to feel? In our view, it’s confusion. They don’t want to be disorientated - they want to feel confident and reassured by what it is they’re seeing. If they see a logo as being vulnerable or unsure of itself, then they aren’t going to put their trust in it. If it’s honest, strong and self-aware, then you’ve got a fighting chance.

Feedback, feedback, feedback

You might like the logo design, and a few of your colleagues might like the logo design, but what about the public? There’s never going to be a consensus amongst everyone who looks at your logo, but there’s a chance you’re going to get a clear majority who either like or dislike it. Regardless of how it comes about, you should be able to know where you’re at.

One of the primary things it gives you is reassurance. One way or the other, you’re going to know where you’re at in terms of popularity. It shouldn’t be seen as some kind of definitive referendum, of course, but it will get you a step closer to knowing what it is you’ll end up with, and that’s some seriously valuable information in our book.

The best kind of digital marketing logos

There are many different kinds of logos out there and categories that they fall into, which is why it’s important to distinguish between them. It’s up to you to decide which is the best for you, but these certainly appear to be the most popular with the general public (if the internet is anything to go by).

Again, they may not tickle your fancy, but there’s a reason why their methods are so successful.


A mascot can be a lot of things - it can be fun, cute, friendly, intimidating, or outright scary. The whole point of a mascot is to bring a different change of pace to whatever industry you work in or company you’re a part of, and with a mascot logo, we’d say that you’re trying to give off a certain ‘vibe’ to your target audience that may not otherwise exist.

A mascot is an illustrated character that makes up the core element of the logo. In simpler terms, you can consider it something of a spokesperson or brand ambassador for whatever it is you’re selling or creating. Of course, it all comes back to how you want the audience to think and how you want them to react to what they’re seeing. Not every company will want to give off the same vibe as the Arizona Cardinals.



A monogram logo, really, is something a little bit ‘chic’ - at least, that’s our view of it. This kind of logo is made up of a few letters that have been creatively strung together in a stylish, classy way. What you do need to consider, however, is that most of the time, monogram logos make up the initials of the person/family that owns the company - but that isn’t always the case.

There’s something sentimental behind a monogram logo, and we also think it brings a certain tale to the forefront of the public’s imagination. They almost always want to know more about the history of the company, whether it be a fashion brand, a law firm or something that may not be quite so elegant. Either way, there are questions to be asked.



The word ‘faff’, by definition, means ineffectual activity. We all want to avoid having too much faff in our lives if only to protect and preserve our own sanity. With a wordmark logo, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. There’s no beating around the bush - it’s all about presenting the company’s name to the world for them all to see.

It’s a text-only typographic, and, simply put, it only has the company's name on it. That’s it. No more, no less. It’s about letting the institution speak for itself, and when you do that, there’s deemed to be no real risk involved. In our view, you still need to do everything you can to make it a success, but a start like this is definitely the easy option.



When something is described as abstract, people react in one of two ways. They’re either fascinated to learn more, or they’re thrown off entirely. With an abstract logo, you are essentially trying to put forward a handful of different concepts and emotions in a single symbol - which, just by the sound of it, can be quite difficult.

From patterns to shapes to illustrations and beyond, you want to create a design that isn’t quite so literal or on the nose. The best way to put it is that it’s ‘daring’, and some of the biggest and best brands out there across the globe have used an abstract design to vault themselves into a really special category of unique and remarkable logos.


Hatchly’s helping hand

Designing and creating a great digital marketing logo isn’t always going to be the funnest way to spend your time, and we aren’t going to pretend like that’s the case. What we will do, though, is point you in the direction of a company that thrives on providing top-of-the-line graphic services - yes, we’re talking about ourselves.

Here at Hatchly, we offer an unlimited graphic design service that can help you get any and all design requests you have over the finish line. We have a dedicated team of professionals standing by who are just waiting for the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.

So, if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about what we do, feel free to check out our website. If you have any questions, get in touch!

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