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How to write the perfect brief: Social Media

Find out how to write the perfect social media brief to create the most effective explanation for a Hatchly designer to understand. Also includes a free brief template download :)

Social media is important for any business, as is reliability, which is why it’s so important to write out your brief accurately and for a designer to be able to translate a brief perfectly (as we are only as good as the brief!). The main aspects that should be included in your brief are:

  1. Where your post will be shared. E.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  2. If your design needs to be static, an animated GIF or a carousel
  3. Your overall aims/objectives with the post
  4. The copy/text that you want incorporating on the design it self and what the caption will be
  5. Sharing a previous design(s) that you love (and even ones you hate) and/or any that you have seen that you like the look of in terms of style and layout
  6. Attaching any high quality assets/logos that need to be included in (preferably) vector format e.g. .EPS
  7. If you are a new client, we are all about collaboration so we want to know as much about you and the business as much as possible! Send over your fonts, colours, assets, previous work and anything that will help us to become more affiliated and aligned to your business and goals.

A handy social media brief example to help you structure your brief can be found here

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