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How do I know how good my designer is going to be?

Hatchly has an extremely rigorous hiring process to make sure each new Hatchly designer has enough knowledge and expertise to work with the brand, values and styles

Hatchly makes sure to only hire the best talent through its attractive incentives and each candidate endures a rigorous hiring process to make sure they meet set standards and can design to a high quality. Before hiring a candidate, Hatchly typically headhunts talent and reviews inbound speculative applications. From this, the process is split into three stages:

  • Stage 01: Candidates work/portfolios and CV’s are analysed and critiqued to match against set criteria
  • Stage 02: Candidates invited to interview to discuss experience and their projects in more details
  • Stage 03: Paid trial project with descriptions of their design thinking marked against set criteria

Having this in place ensures Hatchly designers have enough knowledge and expertise to work with the brand, values and styles.

Part of Hatchly’s values are diversity, inclusiveness, fairness and encouraging one another to be as best of a person they can possibly be. Each and every team member is supportive in reflecting full diversity in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin.

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