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Hatchly’s way of life (Working)

Hatchly has a lot of encouraging values but collaboration, respectfulness and creativity are to name a few

At Hatchly, we are very much about collaborating and partnering with all of our clients - we want to work to produce the best design as possible for them.

Our way of working is very adaptable and we can integrate into many different workflows. We like to jump on an introductory call to begin with to get to know the business inside and out so that we can establish the most effective and efficient way of working for all stakeholders involved.

The way we work is very much a two way street - we obviously offer great design but with this we always look at ways to improve our workflow with our clients so that we slot right into place. This can involve:

  • Providing feedback on written briefs (we are only as good as the brief so it's important to this as accurate as possible!) 
  • Making recommendations about improvements as to how the process can be made more efficient 
  • Sending reminders for sign-off on designs to progress through to the next stage
  • Aligning design terminology 
  • Explanation of design thinking
  • Recommendations on how the brand could be improved/general strategy 
  • Catch up calls for two-way feedback 

With this, we expect the same in return which is why we encourage you to leave reviews after each project and to express any feedback (good & bad) to your account manager so we know what our areas of focus are.

With all of this, it creates a very collaborative and productive approach for all stakeholders involved for a successful design partnership.

We have never had it (thankfully!) at Hatchly but things we absolutely do not tolerate:

  • Disrespect of any kind
  • Aggression towards any member of staff 
  • Unfairness and setting unrealistic deadlines
  • Unproductive comments/feedback (e.g. "I don't like it") - tell us what you do not like about it so we can work to fix it

Part of Hatchly’s values are diversity, inclusiveness, fairness and encouraging one another to be as best of a person they can possibly be. Each and every team member is supportive in reflecting full diversity in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin.

Did we help answer your question? If not, drop us an email at info@hatchly.co.uk for more information.