5 reasons why graphic design can be a game-changer for your business

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William Griffiths
5 reasons why graphic design can be a game-changer for your business

Typically some people adopt the approach that graphic design is the last thing on their list and will try and invest as little as possible. But that’s where you’re wrong - graphic design is what makes your business either look like you are a reputable, well-performing organisation or that you are not really serious about the industry that you are in.

Let’s get into it 👇

1. Don't be your average Joe, fly free little bird!

As I am sure many business owners know, it’s very difficult to figure out a way to stand out amongst your competition. This is why having a well-designed and thought out business can make all the difference to position yourself much better in your chosen market.

For example, on average people spend only 15 seconds on your website, 15!! This means that you only have 15 seconds to make a lasting impression for that prospect to realise that you know your stuff and that your product/service offering is suitable for their needs. Typically this works best through visual communication rather than solely through plain copy and excessive text.

Let’s look at an example below:

Here are two businesses operating for roughly the same period of time. If we look at the difference just from their website, which are you more likely to invest in just from the look of it? Option A or B?

Option A:
bad website design example
Option B:

If you didn't guess it already, it's option B :)

2. Increase customer awareness

It’s just common sense, isn’t it? Regardless of whether you are a relatively new company, looking to set one up or if you've been around for years, then you need to be disruptive and make your mark. The best way to do this is to forge a brand that looks professional and works for the market you are in. The better the brand image and the more disruptive you are, the better the lasting impression you leave in the customers minds without them even knowing it!

3. Show your business some love, care and attention

Take care of your business and your customers/clients will do the same. Don’t disregard the obvious - if your customers can see that you have spent time and effort creating your brand and ensuring it is as good as it visually can be, then they know that you value quality and will proceed to trust your business to invest in your product/service.

4. A picture paints a thousand words

In this current climate, no one sadly has the time of day to sit and read through masses of copy. A picture paints a thousand words so make it subconsciously easy for the user to understand through visual information and representation. This could be for your website but is also so important for everything in between, such as presentations. Let’s look at an example below - I think I don't need to see which you'd prefer!

Option A:
Good Presentation Design
Option B:
Bad Presentation Design

5. Social media is so important

These days, everyone has access to social media. It only takes a second for somebody to search your company name, conduct some due diligence and investigate your brand further. You want to make sure every angle is covered. This means you need to make sure you put out visual content that showcases and helps people understand what your product/service offering is in a consistent, logical and professional way. Let's look at a couple of examples below:

01 - The pattern approach:
Good social media graphic design
02 - The informative approach:
Good social media graphic design

How you can utilise on-demand, unlimited graphic design to help

I won't spare you the details on why our service is so amazing - you can read about that more here if you are interested.

But on-demand, unlimited graphic design is a new approach that eradicates many of the issues people face with agencies and freelancers. There are various benefits of utilising this service but we are more than happy to help any business build their brand and offer any design support where necessary.

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