Why we're the fast food of graphic design 🍟🍔

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Chloe Broad
Why we're the fast food of graphic design 🍟🍔

Love them or hate them, everyone’s heard of the fast food giants. Whether it’s the golden arches, the Colonel’s favourite fried chicken or the king of burgers - at some point, you’ll have tried them. And let’s face it, you probably enjoyed every moment of it. Even if you turn your nose up at a Big Mac or Popcorn Chicken, there’s got to be something on the menu for you - be it a McFlurry, Apple Pie or just a simple, decently priced (for once!) coffee ☕

And that’s where the similarities begin. At Hatchly, we know you’ll find something that you need. Whether it’s social media posts, flyers, brochures, logos - you name it, we do it... And you’ll love it 😍

We ummed and ahhed over calling ourselves the “fast food of graphic design”.

“We don’t want to look cheap, tacky or bad quality!” cried Will, our founder. And I get it - these brands do get a bad name… but they’ve got their good qualities too.

We’re not the fast food of graphic design because we are cheap or poor quality - quite the opposite, in fact! But we’re the fast food of graphic design because we are fast, reliable and convenient. Oh, and our work looks so good that you just can’t help but keep on coming back for more (like Will when McDonald’s Monopoly comes around 🐷)

I guess the main difference (and benefit!) to us is that we are unlimited… I can’t say I would mind unlimited fries though! 🍟

We’ve only just hatched but we’re already growing into busy little kentucky fried chickens - so, if unlimited graphic design on a monthly basis sounds right up your street - get in touch. We can help you build your brand into something beautiful!

Written by Chloe 🐣

Account Manager at Hatchly

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