Why graphic design is essential for your business 🎨

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Why graphic design is essential for your business 🎨

So, at this point, you’ve taken a look at our first blog post (oh wait… you haven’t?! Well, check it out here) and understand a bit more about what we do: unlimited graphic design, on a flat monthly cost. Simples!

But maybe you’re still wondering whether you actually NEED graphic design. Is it really worth it? 🤷‍♂️

The short answer… yes.

The longer answer… absolutely YES!

Carry on reading to find out why graphic design is an integral part of any business 👇

Firstly, graphic design can be seen as the glue to your business. It communicates the story that your business has to tell, in a visually appealing way. This can be in the simplest of things – your logo, font choice or brand colours. Each of these little pieces are part of the bigger jigsaw that is your company 🧩

These jigsaw pieces are often the first thing that potential clients or customers come into contact with when they come across your business. And from these, they will develop their own perception of your brand – what you do, who you are, what you stand for – and as we all know, first impressions really do matter, so make them last!

Graphic design also adds to the consistency of your brands messaging. Although, the style may alter slightly across different elements, every piece of graphic design should tell the same story about your brand. This ensures that you have a strong brand identity, and therefore higher recognition and recall. In fact, studies show that companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5x greater market share 📢

It’s a competitive marketplace out there – we know this all too well (!), but graphic design can really help you stand out and make an impact. Clients are more likely to trust a brand with strong messaging and visually appealing marketing collateral and consumer response to beautiful campaigns with high quality graphics is going to be far more positive!

We all know that Social Media is all the rage right now (or have you been living under a rock?!), but did you know that infographics are liked and shared on Social Media 3x more than any other type of content(?!) according to Hubspot. Making your Social Media posts more visually pleasing and interactive ensures your posts will get higher engagement and reach a larger audience. We love the use of a GIF on social media – everyone’s a sucker for a GIF! 🐸☕️

Need some help designing graphics for your business?

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We primarily help UK businesses, freelancers and not-for-profits save money and time by providing all their graphic design needs. From logos to brochures, and social media templates to presentation design, there’s no limit with Hatchly.

Written by Chloe 🐣

Account Manager at Hatchly

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