Holidays are coming! How to sleigh your social media this season 🎅🏼🎄

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Holidays are coming! How to sleigh your social media this season 🎅🏼🎄

Although it may still seem early for some people (*cough cough* grinch *cough cough*), marketing campaigns and promotions can take months of planning, so if you haven’t started to think about your Christmas strategy, it’s time to get your skates on!

If you do feel a bit “bah, humbug” about Christmas, you might be wondering how important implementing festive strategies really are for your business. Well, the statistics speak for themselves! NRF report that 55% of Christmas shopping takes place online, and Wordstream statistics show that 68% of shoppers visit YouTube on their smartphones when determining what to buy. So, implementing some Christmas campaigns on your online and social platforms really is important.

Social media is especially important during the festive season, as consumers are ready and waiting to consume your marketing and are busy hunting down the best offers. By focusing on your social strategies, you can not only boost your engagement rates, but ensure customers are shopping with you over competitors.

So how can you create engaging social media content over the festive period, that will promise to grab consumers attention? Keep reading to find out! 🎁

Christmas competitions and giveaways:

Everyone knows that people love a competition – I mean, who wouldn’t want to win something fun?! The higher value prize you can offer, will often mean the higher engagement you will get with the competition. People want to feel as if entering the competition is worth their time and effort, so a prize needs to be exciting enough for them to take time out of their busy and content-overloaded lives! Posting these contests and giveaways on social platforms will reach wider audiences and increase engagement, meaning that even once the competition is over, your company may have gained new followers and new interest – which could convert into customers in future.

Special offers and promotions:

Similar to the previous point, offers and promotions are guaranteed to attract attention from consumers as we all love a good deal! Particularly around the Christmas season, when buying presents mean most people are cautious of their spending and looking for the best possible price for each product (in fact, stats show that one-third of shopper’s holiday weekend purchases were driven by promotions). It’s very common for consumers to hold off on purchases until the festive season comes along (Black Friday and Cyber Monday on top of Christmas offers really make for a shopper’s heaven!), in the hope that they can get a better deal on their purchases. For this reason, you should make sure to have some really exciting offers and promotions up your sleeve – give the people what they’ve been waiting for! In many cases, the better the discount, the more likely a consumer will purchase from your brand and if they’re happy, it could be the start of long-term brand loyalty. Those initial discounts can really open up the opportunity to reach new consumers and turn them into loyal customers.

Decorating your social platforms and advertisements:

I like to think of this in the same way that you decorate your home at Christmas time – you need to decorate your social platforms and advertisements! Not only does it give you a refresh and keep your brand in line with the current season, but it can be a good time to be a little more playful with your branding than you usually are. Of course, it’s essential to keep your Christmassy elements on-brand (think colour palette/fonts etc), but why not add a little bit of spice for your audience to engage with? It also reminds customers that Christmas is approaching and to keep shopping (and purchasing!). Considering that 8 in 10 holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet before making a purchase, consumers will more than likely be doing their research on your company and product before they make a purchase – so make sure they like what they see. Additionally, the use of festive hashtags is a great way of encouraging your audience to interact with you – Coca Cola’s iconic #HolidaysAreComing is a great example of this.

Instagram Stories:

With over 1 billion Instagram users, you should not overlook the power of this social platform – especially over the festive period. Adding engaging content onto your Instagram story means that consumers can gather more information about your company than what is just on your feed. You can even create specific highlights and save your stories there – for example, a promotion highlight story that users can check out when they’re looking for a discount on your products. Furthermore, Instagram stories make it exceptionally simple to cooperate with your clients by utilizing surveys, questions, GIFs, and some other things. In other words…do not to avoid Instagram stories!

So, these are just a few of the things you should start contemplating for your festive campaigns. Consider all of these factors and we are sure you will absolutely ‘sleigh’ the festive season and customers will only have ‘ice’ for you! ☃️

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Written by Chloe 🐣

Account Director at Hatchly

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