5 reasons why marketing agencies should use unlimited graphic design services 🎨

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Mike Galperin
5 reasons why marketing agencies should use unlimited graphic design services 🎨

Staying busy is great for business, but there are still only 24 hours in a day (last we checked at least). With an increasing demand for digital media needs, digital media agencies are swamped with work internally and their clients so are increasingly looking to hire graphic designers online.

Many graphic design companies find it necessary to outsource some of the design work to keep up with demanding timelines. This outsourcing can be either for full projects or just for partial components of them and can be a huge job in itself! So what are these 5 compelling reasons to use this type of assistance?

On-Demand Designs

If your company is getting an influx of business, your in-house design staff likely has their hands full. As they can only work on one thing at a time, they have to prioritize their project work, causing extra work to be put on the back burner. An on-demand design agency can provide a short and effective turn around on the work, frequently within a 24 to 48 hour period, depending on the graphic design plan you choose to pursue. You would only need to submit a design request and expect results to come in shortly after.

Cost-Effective Option

If your company has so much work that it warrants the addition of another in-house designer, that's great. But keep in mind that a new designer needs to first be interviewed, hired, needs time to acclimate to your company’s style, train, and feel it is worth their time and effort to stay with your firm. All of these are not exactly conducive to tight project timelines the person is being hired to assist with. Our sourcing of the work, however, does provide the convenience of hopping over those initial and intermediate stages, and skip right to working with an experienced on-demand agent with sufficient experience to help you turn over your project in a very short period.

Some other cost benefits to consider is that an extra designer would need software to work with. This typically requires expenditures on pricey additional licensing fees, which will cut deeper into your hiring budget, while outsourcing requires only a flat fee for the service that a graphic designer (UK based) can provide for you.

Your company may be getting a lot of business, but is your workspace even suitable for an additional employee, nevermind multiple ones? If the answer is no or “not really,” you would need to consider infrastructure costs associated with a new hire. Expanding office space, new equipment, and suitable furniture are all important expenditures to consider when a new employee is brought in. That is before you even talk about the salary that needs to be paid to the new employee.

When considering all of the above costs associated with a new employee, it's easy to see why many companies would choose to outsource their design projects to a well trained and equipped graphic design agency (UK based).

Another Perspective

We are sure your company has a particular style, one that you may be quite proud of and fond of. But an experienced designer on the outside could provide a whole other perspective on your projects. These graphic designers (UK based) are experienced and have dealt with many types of design projects, so they would potentially bring an invaluable contribution to freshen up or infuse your designs with a much-needed sense of originality and change.

Real-Time Scaling (Up or Down)

If you are not drowning in design projects, you may choose to reevaluate the benefits of having in-house designers on hand. Is it worth it to have a position filled, with all of the expenses it carries with it if the in-house designer will only seldom be called upon to perform work?

Alternatively, hiring an on-demand designer on a “per-need” basis could be very effective. If the business is booming, and in-house staff is too busy to take on more projects, you might help your bottom line by outsourcing any additional design projects that current staff is too busy to get to.

Free Up Time For In-House Designers

Outsourcing some of your projects to on-demand graphic design agencies lightens the burden on your in-house designers. This allows them to be a little more fluid and free to exercise their creativity by taking a bit more time to think them through, rather than simply push ahead with expedited ideas due to an overbearing workload and time constraints.

Still not sure if this is the right plan for you. No harm in giving it a try once, right? And since you are willing enough to try, let Hatchley offer you our services. You can start by booking a demo and be sure to check out the many different services that we can offer you. We even suggest you check out our blog to see what we have been thinking about. Perhaps you can find some value in one of our recent posts that pertain to your company’s question.

If you are still interested, check out our pricing and membership options to choose which one most appeals to you and your company’s budget.

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