2021 Graphic Design Trends

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William Griffiths
2021 Graphic Design Trends

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! Hopefully a much better year than 2020 and I don't even want to mention the dreaded "C" word. 😬

But enough of all that, let's see what 2021 has in store for graphic design. Whether searching for some modern design inspiration or just interested in being in the know, then grab a cuppa and have a read.👇

Trend 01: Optimism & Playfulness

With such a terrible year put behind us, we have to look to the future with an optimistic and playful outlook (as difficult as that may seem).

This year we predict optimism and playfulness to shine with graphic design. What better way to uplift spirits than through bold, playful and vibrant colour patterns to make a positive impact - something that we all need!

Virgin Money Patterns - Pentegram's refresh

Trend 02: Coming Together

I know I keep relating back to the dreaded "C" word of 2020 but coming together as people is more important than ever.

"The creative community really joined forces this year to shed light on our real heroes. I see this trend continuing into 2021 with a focus on mental health and climate change." says Tom Berry, founder and creative director of Studio Bennü.

We predict this and human-centred design to be majorly implemented and echoed into design throughout 2021.

Shillington's Graduation Exhibition - Shanti Sparrow's Identity
TWA's Museum of Ice Cream Rebrand

Trend 03 - Typography Mayhem

That one C word that caused chaos, judgement, misalignment, a mixture of emotions and more? Let's reflect all of that in upcoming design, a mixture of letters, words, colours and an attitude of breaking the rules and we see typography mayhem - it's a revolution!!

Example by Ashley Jakubowski
Example by Multiple Owners

Trend 04 - Colour-less?

In once what used to be a beautiful world, stripped of its colourful sparks, could bring a new monotone and grayscaled outlook.

However, not to be mistaken for morbid reasons, inciting such appeal could bring a fluctuation of new prospects offering something different than a typical, overused design.

Example by Victa Wille
Example by Quan

Trend 05 - Geometry

The trend continues!! And we hope it never dies! Containing its modern reign, geometry.

We love this design for many reasons and can see why the trend is continuing to grow. There is a joy in generating complexity out of simple shapes and this is what this trend is all about - taking the basics to create an abstract and memorable composition for years to come.

Example by Broklin Onjei
Example by David Silva


So, to summarise, the main things to look out for for the year ahead are a sense of optimism with an air of caution to make design output exciting, engaging, impactful and most importantly, better than ever for a hopeful post-Covid world.

At Hatchly, we frequently update ourselves on the latest and greatest trends, so if any of these styles appeal to you, get in touch and let us help you create some beautiful designs.

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